One big thing to remember about the FunnySubmit software is that the images you are submitting automatically will still need to be approved by the website owners in each list. I decided to compile a list of some tips and suggestions which should increase your odds of having pictures get approved. If you follow these guidelines you should see better results using this great software!

Don’t submit too many images in one day – This is important. If a website owner sees two dozen pictures submitted from just one website then many of them may get trashed. They may even want to ban you for looking like a time waster and spammer. Try submitting only two or three images from each of your meme/quote related websites each day. Keep them quality and submit only the funniest ones. Website owners will see the content you are submitting and want to approve it so their visitors can enjoy them!

Don’t submit watermarked images – Many other website owners do not want to display your images if there is a watermark on them. You’re already getting rewarded by the website owners leaving your source URL in tact. Also, the source URL is better because it provides a backlink to your website and can be clicked by their visitors. This also applies to copyrighted images! Copyrighted images will usually be trashed right away and could even lead to you being banned by these website owners.

Don’t link back to your main page – The purpose of the source URL box is to link directly to the page on your website where the image you are submitting can be found. If your image appears at then this is the exact URL that should be placed into the source URL box. If website owners review your images and see a link directly back to your homepage the submission will most likely be trashed.

Okay…So I know that these tips and guidelines are pretty much common knowledge. Still, it’s important that I put them out there so people don’t waste their time submitting images that will most likely never be approved! If you keep it clean and use the software as it’s intended to be used then you should see your pictures, memes and quotes being accepted into most of the submission sites. Check back soon for some other helpful suggestions and tips that related to the FunnySubmit software.