Yesterday we released a new version of the FunnySubmit software. Version 1.2 features some great new things that all FunnySubmit owner should be pretty excited about. The biggest change is that this new version now contains a third list of submission websites! This gives all FunnySubmit software owners the opportunity to submit their funny image and meme pages into over 400 other relevant funny image websites! The number of submission sites previously totaled only around 250. This means you now have the ability to get even more backlinks to your meme website using our software!

The first stable update for FunnySubmit has now been officially released! There wasn’t as many new features put into this initial update as I was hoping for – but it should be good for now. Let me start off by highlighting the new features you can expect to see in FunnySubmit version 1.1:

Automatic Updates for Life – Our funny image submission software now checks for updates automatically every time its launched. This means your copy will automatically prompt you to update the software whenever we add new lists of submission sites or make other new changes in the application!

Additional Sites Added into Current Lists – The software currently allows you to submit your meme webpages into two different lists of submission sites. We cleaned these two lists up and also added some more submissions websites into each list. Now you can submit to even more websites then previously!

We are currently in the process of getting a third list of submission sites added into the software. Once completed, a new version (1.2) will be rolled out and automatically updated when you launch FunnySubmit! This new release guarantees up-to an additional 200 submission websites to automatically submit your funny image and meme webpages into!

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