The main reason behind creating FunnySubmit was to offer webmasters an easy way to build more backlinks and traffic to their funny image related websites. Since funny image and meme websites have become so popular online, I decided this tool could be extremely useful for everyone in this niche. Not only will it help these website owners increase their content, but the images being submitted will also include a source URL pointing back to your website – helping you in the process. It works out for everyone!

FunnySubmit is not a spam tool. Most of the websites that images are submitted into do require approval. This is why it’s extremely important to make sure you are only submitting quality memes, images and quotes that these website owners will actually want to approve and display in front of their visitors. Watermarked and copyrighted images should not be submitted and inappropriate or adult related content should also not be submitted. Why? Because most likely these images will never be approved and you will simply be wasting your time as well as possibly getting banned.

The purpose of this utility is pretty simple and straight forward. Add some funny images, quotes, or meme’s to your website and then use that information inside the software. Download the image from your website to your computer, input your pages title and URL into the software. Then, browse to the local image you downloaded and select it from inside FunnySubmit. Press Start and watch the software begin automatically submitting your websites details plus the image into hundreds of other relevant websites. That’s it! You can run the software and submit as many pictures as you would like each day. I would highly recommend submitting no more than a few images from each of your websites everyday to prevent coming off as a spammer or an abuser!